Rundum Meir is a European brand that has become synonymous with luxury and innovation. Our garage doors incorporate cutting edge design and technology, and transform the garage into an integral aspect of the architecture of the property.

The company was established 44 years ago a short distance outside of Munich in the south of Germany. Rundum Meir Garagentorbau GmbH remains the quintessential family business, offering the level of personal service and quality you would expect from such a committed specialist.

We originally focused on designing various types of timber garage doors for the residential market, gaining a wealth of knowledge in the process. Over the years we have expanded our skills to ensure we can work with various types of timber and other materials like aluminium and glass too. Alongside this we also embraced the innovation of automated sliding garage doors, using technology to provide our clients with optimum convenience.

The quality of our products gained us an outstanding reputation and helped us to expand to the point where we now supply customers across Europe. We set up in the UK in 1999 and have gone from strength to strength ever since, gaining several awards along the way. We are proud to have been involved in a number of prestigious architectural projects over the years.

Every garage door we produce is made from the best hand selected materials. We also strive to protect the environment and have adapted all of our production methods to make us as eco-friendly as possible. In 1998 our factory was certified by the Bavarian State Minister for the Environment because of the great work we do in this area.