Automated garage doors are very popular on all kinds of properties and provide many advantages, particularly the convenience of being able to open and close them with the push of a button. The Rundum Meir automated sliding garage doors offer even more benefits over standard ones and are amongst the most innovative products on the market.

Rundum Meir doors are automated using a specialised MZ4 door mounted operator. The system is cutting edge and features a high performance electric motor that is maintenance free. It will function smoothly and very quietly so your doors function with absolute ease. Remote control hand-sets allow users to open and close them as they come and go. They can even be set to allow partial opening.

The system also has the advantage that it is compatible with Homelink. This means that a button and key activated lock can be fitted to the door to give you additional accessibility.

Some of the benefits of our automated doors include:

The system was developed with care by highly trained specialists. It complies with current EU standards ensuring the doors are safe and very efficient.

A unique part of the system is the fact that a micro-processor monitors the amount of power that is required. This means that it will automatically react to any changes in the weight of the door to ensure it moves at the right speed at all times. This maintains safety and energy usage.

The operators provide a cutting edge safety feature to guard against the risk of intrusion. When someone forcibly attempts to open the doors, a counter force is automatically applied to prevent them from gaining access.

The automation system is specially developed and will provide the best levels of functionality, safety and security. It also features a power saving function that makes them extremely efficient. On standby the system will use just 1 watt of energy.