At Rundum Meir UK we have designed, supplied and installed modern, innovative garage doors to clients across Great Britain, Ireland and across Europe. We have been involved in hundreds of projects and can proudly say we have provided the best level of service to each and every client we have worked with.

Our award winning sliding garage doors can be seen on a wide array of different types of residential property, from listed buildings all the way to modern, passive homes. They are suited to all kinds of architecture, whether it is a cutting edge concept or a refurbishment. In all cases they add the same amazing aesthetics and functional benefits.

Our doors have been used in a variety of different applications and suit a wide range of requirements. They are used on curved buildings, boathouses and secure multi-user garages, to name just a few of the many setting we work in. We are always willing to take on new challenges and enjoy working closely with clients to design unique solutions for all kinds of requirements.

As well as doors for residential properties, we can also design and produce larger ones for commercial and public applications too. These can range in size to some amazing dimensions, including 20 metres wide and 4.2 metres in height. We can even create designs that will see them blend with the facade of the building if this is required.

You can have a look at some of our projects to see how beautiful our doors are and the amazing things we can do with them. We are confident you will quickly see why our doors are award winning and so highly regarded.